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Is this the most luxurious nudist beach resort in the world?

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You may be planning to travel light this summer but how about not packing any holiday clothes at all?

This luxury beachfront resort in Mexico offers five-star style - and the opportunity for guests to shed their swimsuits and their inhibitions.
Hidden Beach Resort bills itself as the only luxurious all-inclusive nudist resort in the Mexican Caribbean and claims to provide an ‘intimate environment where guests can feel comfortable clothing free’.

Set on the Riviera Mayam the adults-only hotel has 42 beachfront suites and those lucky enough to be on the ground floor can swim up to their rooms, which look out across the Caribbean sea.
Guests are greeted with a welcome glass of Champagne and can shed their clothes as soon as they’ve checked into their luxury suites.

The rooms all feature Jacuzzis, king-size beds and balconies and the hotel’s ‘swim-up suites’ are connected to the main pool, where guests can enjoy a cocktail at the in-water bar.
The ‘clothing optional’ resort says it is specifically developed for the needs of the ‘nudism enthusiast’ and visitors are told that any initial discomfort ‘quickly melts away with the warm rays of the sun and the easy camaraderie’.

The ‘bare necessities’ of nudism are explained to guests on arrival and hotel etiquette requires that they carry a towel around with them at all times.
The only time guests have to wear clothing is to play tennis or to visit the neighbouring El Dorado resort.
Activities on offer include naked yoga, water-volleyball and catamaran cruises - there's even an option for body painting classes.

Holidaymakers can book a beachfront massage, lounge around on the resort’s private beach, do some nude sunbathing on the rooftop sun deck or take a dip in the giant communal hot tub.
Dining in the resort’s restaurant can also be done ‘au naturel’ and there is even a naked disco for anyone who finds that clothing hinders their well-rehearsed Saturday Night Fever dance routine.
And for those who want to tie the knot without the hassle of a dress and suit can even stage their nuptials at the resort - at least there wouldn't be any need for a dress code.


location and amenities look great!

Let's be French.

Naturism marketing says it eliminates social differences.
Quite easy if everyone attending is rich.

Only for adults. WTF? Naturism is for all ages. And families. Textiles will say: haha, sex!

:323232  Revolution!

These points were already pointed out by some scholars, indeed.

Looks a wonderful place.

I can see what you mean about textiles saying its for sex due to adults only, but then there are many resorts were its adults only because some adults dont like the noise/whirlwind of kids at a resort, and the type of people who will say "ha must be sex" would likely say that anyway.

Still looks nice place

Holy Fuck!

I can't believe you posted that! I'm there right now!
I've been discussing it with nudemexman all week.

Anyway - where to start.
Hidden Beach was fully booked (it was a last minute thing) so I booked in at El Dorado Seaside Suites which owns it and just go over there for my nude time. Typically they only let couples in but I must just have an honest face. Day passes are 100US and give you access to everything and the water is fine.
The food (as it is at El Dorado which you would have free access to) is gourmet - best food I've ever had at an all inclusive.
The staff are amazing too - very friendly and helpful.
The beach is segregated from the rest of the resort by a rough rocky section of beach and an opaque palm slat fence - pretty clever how they did it as it is right inside the other resort.
However every now and then some intrepid explorer gets around the fence but they've all left without incident. Once they actually went running for their lives. They figured out where they were and literally bolted - that was hilarious.
I've been looking for the girls in the pictures and yeah... Anyway old people can be fun too. They actually went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and no one minded that I was younger or on my own but it's definitely an older crowd. It's also quite small (40 couples) so there is only one restaurant where you can dine au naturel and activities are limited - plan on spending some of your time on the textile side for a wider variety of food, activities and entertainment.
Gotta go - It's margarita time.


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