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Uruguay Announces the Development of Its Largest Nudist Beach



he Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The Board of Canelones is working on a project to create a nude and “gay friendly” beach in the region of Uruguay which is the second largest in the country after Montevideo, and expects to approve the initiative in the coming months, reported the promoter of the plan.

The idea is that a portion of the nearly 80 miles of coastline on the Rio de la Plata will be declared “naturist or nude beach and also ‘ gay friendly’,” said the mayor (Councillor) Lyliam Espinosa, driving the project.

Espinosa, 65, representing the ruling leftist coalition Frente Amplio (FA), said that the target area is located between the resorts of Villa Argentina and El Fortin, about 40 kilometers from Montevideo.

“In the area, the mayor and townspeople, who include European families, began to practice nudism on the beach over 15 years ago,” he said.

“There were never any problems, residents accept the presence of nudists”, but now “we institutionalize” the beach and add it to the category of “gay friendly” as a way to “attract more tourists and temporary investments,” Espinosa said.
How will adding that label, mean more tourists? Why does it have to be labelled as such? Could not same sex couples etc. use it before?
The initiative has the support of the Municipality of Canelones, in the hands of the FA , which has the majority in the board with 20 of the 31 councilors, and the driver of the project said she has received no comments against some of the opposition parties.
“In short, we seek to promote the naturist lifestyle and, incidentally, to try to help improve the infrastructure of the area,” she explained.
Espinosa also hopes that the beach is included, through the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in international “gay friendly” information guides.

The initiative is part of the Coastal Ordinance, which the Departmental Board currently analyzes, and also includes the use and care of the coastal strip and defines areas for sports and artisanal fisheries, among others.

Uruguay has a naturist beach called Chihuahua internationally renowned, department of Maldonado which is close to the main tourist center of the country, Punta del Este.

Moreover, in recent years, hotels and lodges settled near the famous resort as part of the boosting “gay friendly” tourism in the country.


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