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Sauna video in german
« on: May 12, 2014, 08:38:46 am »
Video is in german so if on of our german speakers could kindly translate for those of us who can't speak language would be great.  Video is Sauna-Knigge: Der Chef nackt in der sauna. 

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Re: Sauna video in german
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 08:00:45 am »
this is a report from taff, a softnews/lifestyle/whatever magazine weekdays at 17:00 on ProSieben, one of the most important channels in germanspeaking area.

its actually a dos-and-donts report. the models are asked about different questions and afterwards the solution is given.
1. question: allowance of wearing anything. both say that in germany its not acceptable to wear anything in sauna especially because of harmful substances in swimwear. offspeaker says its not common and rude to wear anything in germany and the subtances can be dangerous to your lungs.
2 question: if its full house, how close can i get to other people? he says you should wait a moment to enter and she talks about zones (privacy/intimacy...). dont spread your legs/arms and use too much space if its full house.
3. question: how to cool down. rules like everywhere, cool down slowly...
4. question: what if my boss is visiting too? dont cover and leave because its a weird situation, its getting worse. keep cool and continue...
5. how to sit without giving too much insight? tells about several positions especially for females and how to leave the sauna.
6. should you use moisturizer afterwards? no, sauna is cleaning from inside and its destroying a protection. there is more moisturizing from your body afterwards
7. conversation allowed in the sauna? keep quiet! especially if you're not sitting next to each other. dont talk about sex or politics.
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