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This is awesome.  Its far too long to post the entire article but the link to the article is at the bottom of this

100 places to get naked before you die


I have been meaning to create this list for a very long time, but it’s actually a very complex endeavor. The very things that we may be looking for in a naturist destination are exactly the things the next person will find to be a deal breaker. And how do you organize the list? Put all your favorites at the top? (Nobody will ever click through to the last page!) Organize by region? (France has hundreds of possibilities, while the entirety of Asia has two or three.)

It is worth noting that we began our naturist explorations in France at a time when we were wanting to find a comfortable place for a family naturist vacation with three (then) pre-adolescent children. (You can read more about that here.) That said, my list of naked places in North America is a bit skewed in the shadow of our experiences with naturism abroad. And this also represents a period of nearly 25 years of trying places out.

Our first visit to Desert Sun Resort (then Desert Shadows Inn) was in 1994. A lot has happened with that property since then, but it remains a “top shelf” destination on our list. And so it is, that many of my one or two line commentaries are significantly dated. (If we found a place to have a bad vibe back in the late nineties, why bother to go back for another dose of the same!)

I’ll publish these pages as I finish each region. I suspect the number will turn out to be around 100 naked places, including those we haven’t visited yet, but hope to do so.. before we die! And unfortunately, there are a few places that would have made our best of the best list (thinking the likes of Grand Lido Braco in Jamaica) that have since gone out of existence. And I won’t bother to list the places I know to exist, but we simply have no desire to visit. What’s the point? But… if you know of a place we should add to our “bucket list,” please comment below and we’ll check it out. You’ll have a pretty good sense of our definition of naturist nirvana after combing through a few pages of my blog.

And oh… seems we have virtually NO naturist photography from our naked travels in the US. (Restrictions at naturist places are simply too great – and becoming more so – and many of our visits to US destinations predate digital photography.) The photos on this page are either from our foreign travels, or in some cases, vintage photos of American naturism that I thought to by simpatico with the ambiance I wish to create here.



Great list!

new bucket list item... to visit all of them!

Nice list!  Two down, 98 to go :-D


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