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I just did.

The book was the first of a series of four books called "Les inactifs" by Denis Côté, a very prolific YA author in Québec. I loved the series as a kid, it was my first dystopian novel.

And... Damn... That's just so badly written. The plot seems to have come from a greenpeace member with about subtlety who's a die-hard hockey fan. Actually, the hockey part is cool, a dystopia centered on hockey is an original idea. But the rest.. ugh!

The only thing I noticed that escaped me when I was a kid is that the author casually refers to Quebec as a country (like when listing where ambassadors are from). Otherwise, nothing else was subtle enough for me not to catch it back then.

Summary: I won't be reading the next three. :)

Did any of you tried to re-read a book from your childhood? What did you catch that you missed the first time around? Was it still good?
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