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but UK is a 4-season country unlike here that we only have 2 seasons(wet and dry). So.. it always rain in UK?

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Found this article on BuzzFeed, (browsing around the site after seeing this older post  :786) :

Here’s What Life On A Nudist Colony Actually Looks Like [NSFW]
I was a bit suspicious on what I would find due to the dreaded "NSFW" tag, but was pleasantly surprised.

Quote from: David Bertozzi
BuzzFeed Staff
Photographer Laura Pannack observed nudist group, Young British Naturists, a group for naturists aged under 30 and the name for this body of work, to get an inside look into the daily lives of people who prefer to live sans clothing. On the topic of nudity, Laura explains that “nakedness is a concept as much as it is a state of being, and one wreathed in paradox. With it are bound notions of privacy, self possession, jurisdiction. It can connote innocence or sexuality, purity or depravity. It can signify both power and vulnerability, used to liberate or humiliate.”

It is a serie of simple and (imho) tasteful pictures with a few quotes from the YBN.
I thought it might be worth a look, or sharing with stubborn textile acquaintances ^^

Note: The quality of the picture made me hesitate on this board or the "Naturist Arts, (...)".  If you dear mods think it fits better over there, be my guest ;)

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!
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British people are never happy when it comes to the weather.

When it's warm, they moan and wish it was cooler. And when it's cool, they moan and wish it was warmer.  :345
That explains my friends, they must be British in their heritage!

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but UK is a 4-season country unlike here that we only have 2 seasons(wet and dry). So.. it always rain in UK?

It's like windchill what feels like rather what actually is. This song sums up our weather
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Otherwise fine, most of the time. Today, mainly fine, the odd shower clearing evening. SW easing
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