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Back to nature: Naturist camping in South Yorkshire
« on: June 16, 2014, 10:57:24 pm »

Most people expect to peel off a few layers on holiday, but they probably don’t imagine going nude in the South Yorkshire countryside.

However one campsite run by a family of nudists in Finningley, Doncaster, is particularly welcoming to those willing to strip off.

Colin Wood, 62, runs Candy Farm Campsite with his wife, Carol, on the working farm on which he was born. Colin took over the farm from his parents who bought it when they married.

The couple have both been naturists for over 30 years.

“I don’t know why people want to wear clothes when they’re swimming,” Colin said. “It’s terribly uncomfortable.”

This year British Naturism (BN) is celebrating its 50th birthday, and currently has 10,000 members nationwide and 1000 in Yorkshire and the East Midlands.

BN has over 40 swim clubs up and down the country, including one at Chapeltown Baths in Sheffield. Each month around 40 naturists go to the pool to meet up and enjoy a naked swim.

To celebrate their 50th birthday BN are hosting the fifth annual Nudestock on Candy Farm Campsite at the end of May. Like any other festival the seven day event will feature live music, walks and barbeques – it just has a different dress code.

Family of naturists

Colin and Carol first tried life in the nude when their daughter, Angela, was two.

“We went on a beach and liked it, and so we joined a swimming club,” Colin said.

“I like the social life that comes with it. We go to the swimming club, and then after we’ll sit in the café and have a cup of tea or go to the pub for a beer.”

Now, most of Colin’s friends and family are naturists, including his grown up children Angela and Tom.

“No matter what hobby you go for you make friends and meet like-minded people. We got into it because it was something we could do as a family. It was ideal because when you all meet up there’s a string of children for the kids to play with.”

It was because of the social life that Colin and Carol started Candy Farm Campsite in 2005. In 2000 Tom went on holiday, which meant that Colin and Carol couldn’t leave the farm as they needed to stay with the animals.

“So instead of going to the pub we invited our friends to the farm”, Colin said. “We kept inviting them back each year and then in 2005 we opened the campsite.”

With space for five vans and 10 tents, the site now draws people from all over the country. Colin muses that it seems to be more successful than many normal sites.

“It’s different to other sites where you just pitch up and no one speaks to anyone. It has a community feel and is more friendly, that’s what I like about it. Our friends come to stay, and people become friends once they’ve come to stay.”

Colin and Carol’s daughter, Angela Cox, is the chairman of Yorkshire and East Midlands BN. She also helps her parents to run Candy Farm, and is one of the organisers of Nudestock.

The festival draws fifty to sixty people of all ages. “Naturists come from all walks of life, you can’t generalise,” said Angela.

'Absolutely brilliant'

She has been a naturist since her parents tried it out when she was two years old. Her husband, Edward, has been a naturist since the pair met.

“It was absolutely brilliant growing up as a kid in naturism. We’d go all over to different campsites and clubs and make new friends. I’ve just kept it on,” she said.

She explains that the public tend to have a skewed opinion of naturism, and that as well as organising events BN give their members support and advice.

She said: “Generally the public think that if you are nude it is sexual. But, as my dad says, you were born naked.

“We often help people when someone has complained about them. If through no fault of their own someone has spotted them from half a mile away and reported them, even though being naked isn’t illegal.”

Angela said that often people are nervous to try naturism for the first time, but urged anyone who wants to try it not to be put off.

“Everybody has been there and remembers what it was like the first time they tried it. Well, I don’t as I was two, but most do.

“Go to a swim or a clothing optional day and just have a walk around. If you can take a friend that’s nice for moral support, but don’t let not having someone to go with put you off. Usually if you’re new someone will come up to you and start chatting.”

BN was set up in 1964 when the British Sunbathing Association and the Federation of British Sun Clubs joined to make one national organisation. Their mission is to promote the naturist lifestyle, which they claim “encourages wellbeing and a positive body image, as well as boosting confidence”.

As well as Nudestock they are running a series of events all over the country to celebrate their 50th birthday.

BN chairman Judith Stinchcombe said: “Naturism continues to increase in popularity in the UK as more and more people seek opportunities to relax and de-stress. With body image issues and wellbeing being high on the agenda, Naturism has a glowing future and we are both delighted and excited to be celebrating our 50th anniversary this year.”

Published on 01 May 2014 by Polly Albany-Ward (author)
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Re: Back to nature: Naturist camping in South Yorkshire
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2014, 08:55:50 am »
Thats a cool story.
what's to say?


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Re: Back to nature: Naturist camping in South Yorkshire
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2014, 02:20:12 am »
Yes! Back to nature! How I wish I could do this here in PH..

Note: Nudity is illegal here.