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Hello All

Just a quick note to let you know a little bit about the new @Mentions feature that has been added to the forum. This feature allows you to mention someone in a post and have that person notified of this mention via their IYNO profile. This is a good way to bring a post or an entire thread to another users attention.

To mention someone in a post simply type the @ symbol followed by the persons username. As you type the forum will assist you by listing usernames that contain what you have written so far. For example to mention AndrewG (yes I know I am talking to myself) I would type @AndrewG

If you have been mentioned in a post a notification will be added to your Profile Menu. Clicking this notification will take you to an information page displaying the post that the mention was posted in, a link to this post and who the mention was posted by.

This feature was added as a result of community feedback. Cheers to @Delta for making it all happen!
For any further information or assistance please feel free to contact me via PM or Yahoo Messenger.

Ah Ace! This will come in such good use! Cheers @AndrewG

It works so well, nice one  @AndrewG and @Delta

Nice function!


--- Quote from: AndrewG on July 05, 2014, 08:26:01 am ---Cheers to @Delta for making it all happen!
--- End quote ---
This is precisely why I was against it. Just prefixing any name with @ is one of those Twitterisms I find every bit as annoying as hashtags. I hope this is going to be used in a more sensible way after the initial excitement is over. You know, like the @-syntax was used before Twitter, at the beginning of a paragraph to indicate it concerns a certain previous poster, or maybe in a line of its own to invite someone to the discussion.


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