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The YBN officer is a young man called Darren from Cornwall in England. Young British Naturists is British Naturism's youth Group for 18's - 30's.

YBN is fun and full of entertainment. There's events such as Nudefest which is a week long event in Cornwall. This event is for YBN, BN and non-BN members but the event begun on the 6th of July and ends soon so you'll have to wait until next year!

Anyone who is between 18 and 30 is more than welcome to join and right now, we have a special offer of £10 for membership instead of £28 for a whole year! I haven't even stated the best part, yet. Some Y/BN events are not just for the members and British people. The Glenmorag Hotel in Scotland is where we hold an event for a weekend, Friday to Monday and people from all over the world are more than welcome whether they're a member or not. As long as you're a naturist, you're more than welcome!

We aim to give naturists places they can go to be themselves without anyone knowing about it that they do not wish to know. Oh, another best part - singles are more than welcome too. At BN and YBN events, we don't care if you wear piercings or have tattoos, as long as you're a naturist, you're more than welcome at our events!

God. It's depressing that I am now too old for ybn.

I could next year, but I'm definitely not british. I hope I'll be nearer to the Scotland one next year, since I have some plans to move in Netherlands.

Let's see, maybe we could arrange a forum meeting :)


--- Quote from: Gman707 on July 11, 2014, 04:02:45 pm ---God. It's depressing that I am now too old for ybn.

--- End quote ---

Are your bones creaking yet?  :wink:

Yes but thats cos of impact sports.

Sitting on the floor now involves making noise though.  Lol


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