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Ågesta: idyllic lawn and beach by the lake in Stockholm



Ågesta is an idyllic place within Stockholm city limits. It’s the top choice among local naturists thanks to the picturesque Magelungen lake, small cozy sandy beach, nice green lawn surrounded by trees; there are also basic amenities such as a shower and picnic tables. Just look around, and you’ll find a nice spot for yourself, either next to other people or in a quiet corner.

The flat lawn is great for sunbathing, of course, but it would be also perfect for many activities, such as volleyball or football, yoga, martial arts and whatnot. Too bad local naturists didn’t seem to take advantage of that. I taught my local host, who I got to know thanks to TrueNudists network, some basics of acro-yoga. We can only dream of having something like that in New York City! Well, at least a few people were swimming, and in the end of May the water was warm enough for that already.

I heard that Stockholm and Sweden in general used to be even more open to naturism, but the attitude is changing with the influence of prudish American culture and influx of immigrants, who are generally more conservative.

In the city itself, I could only see naked statues in abundance, but strangely enough my bet was that people would probably feel not tolerate if they saw the same thing in flesh…

Nevertheless, I did sunbathe naked for a bit at a secluded spot on Långholmen island with a nice view of the city. There is also a known area for nude sunbathing in the western part of the island but unfortunately without access to the water. Hopefully, naturism will be more accepted in Sweden soon again, and one wouldn’t need to look for hidden spots. Meanwhile, enjoy Ågesta and other official locations available from Scandinavian Naturist Portal.


Looks a beutiful place.

Flew off to Stockholm once with a friend in the early noughties. Nice city. Very distinctive with all the waterfronts everywhere.

I've often thought Sweden would be a nice place to live. Swedish grammar is apparently much easier to learn than German!

Ive been on a clothed holiday too sweeden. Did get some sauna time in though


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