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Re: The Sarong, Destroyer of Naturist Worlds
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2014, 12:18:30 am »
I read this article some months ago in la Vie au Soleil.

The context:

In France, one of THE biggest issues within the naturist community = textilisation.
Mainly in big resorts, people complain about illegal (regarding internal rules officially registered before the local government) tolerance to textilisation.

In France, there is no place for a clothing-optional mindset as in some places in the Anglo-Saxon countries.

People pay, sometimes expensive, to attend naturist places and don't want to feel like animals observed by potential textile voyeurs.

It seems that big resorts tolerate this for $ reasons, which creates a niche market for resorts enforcing nudity rules.

The arguments of the article correspond to the reality here. Some people even created associations to lobby for respect of nudity in naturist resorts, which shows the deepness of the problem, which I'm too tired now to develop, it's long.

Bare Oaks is kinda not small resort which tries to strictly comply with naturism.

In such a context, sarongs are a threat. If you were  in charge of a strict resort like Stéphane Deschênes is, you'd raise the same issues as he does and would try to overcome it instead of thinking about individual confort in spite of risks for the wellbeing of the community.