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How awesome is this movie!?

but how silly is the end... i could deal with seeing people getting mowed down by the train, but i couldnt deal with seeing kids running across that silly field to the silver tree... GAH.

The Knowing Trailer: New Movie coming 2009 HD

Spoilers much? xD

nah... that isnt a spoiler... the trailer for the movie is a spoiler... thankfully i only saw the trailer after i saw the movie...

I liked the story on paper.. the way they made it into a movie is not so sucessfull


--- Quote from: Zombiefied on April 21, 2009, 08:32:11 pm ---in germany this film is for people who are older than 12!

I think it should be just for people who are older than 16!

But I really like that movie...It's awesome :)

--- End quote ---

Is that what movie ratings are there? 12 and 16? US has 13 and 17...

not the biggest fand of nicolas cage but might go see it.


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