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looking for ideas of a video game to convey naturist values

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- Nudist Colony of the dead. An infection has attached everyone wearing clothes thus to not get inflected you have to be naked. First Person Shooter.

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I actually brushed this sort of idea some time ago.  :laugh:

I imagined a stereotypical 1950's nuclear family of naturists (or nudists, I don't know which is the era appropriate term) in the midst of an alien invasion with textile monsters, or rather well into it actually. With each family member as their own kind of class: The Soldier, the Scout, the Spy, the Scientist ... etc. Each with their own backstory, talents and secrets. At first, a survival mission, and then a sudden opportunity comes up to take the fight to the enemy.

Dark 50's American B-movie fantasy adventure with flesh devouring designer clothing and iconic milieus of a town in rural America. An epic journey which starts when a military aircraft crashes next to a nudist colony.

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like this idea, could be very funny or satirical if you want to add some Cold War imagery or commentary. There is the danger of putting aliens though and probe jokes

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I was thinking a situation where you have the parents, one is a war vet and the other is an inactive soviet spy.  :azn:  ...the mother. Nudging things discreetly forward without others knowledge.

Well, there is always that one random encounter with a doomsday prepper person who is extra certain that aliens have come to get him in particular and he will have to work extra hard to make sure that there will not be any alien probes getting in him.


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--- Quote from: Dogoegma on July 13, 2020, 04:18:02 pm ---I am unsure how to do the specific task in question, but if I had more info I can try to give it a shot.

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I see. I don’t have experience doing that. My knowledge of programming come from a more mathematical perspective. I do understand the mechanics of taking a picture in some other software, turning it into a matrix (via what I assume is an api) and doing matrix manipulations on it (like altering values or solving for an eigenvalue/eigen Vector). I presume that is what you are referring to.

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I don't think that would be too useful from my experience in this, but maybe you can contribute somehow. But still, without someone making the rendered images or good drawings, it won't be fun to play. Look at a game like Ariane in Paradise to see how good the renders need to be.

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I’ll do my best, but I recommend to keep this in mind; the goal should be to try to attract funding for more resources. It is more important to get something good out then something great. Not to say that great shouldn’t happen, but the ability to show that the idea is profitable is a first priority.

Cle Leftwrite:
I'm currently in the middle of learning the necessary skills for Game Development. I'm nowhere near where I need to be to produce a complete project, but I'm slowly and surely acquiring skills and knowledge. So far I have a pretty basic understanding of Python (and coding logic in general), and somewhat of an understanding of using the Gadot game engine for 2D games.


--- Quote from: Conjuam on August 05, 2020, 09:09:00 pm ---This has probably already been mentioned, but something like Call Of Duty where nudity is used to make you sneak around and create no noise.


A similar idea to the one above, but in a primitive caveman setting where you use bows and arrows, etc. as weapons, and you fight over your land.

Maybe I've missed the boat, in which case, don't listen to my ramblings!  :laughing :laughing

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All ramblings are wellcome.  :laugh:

I like the naked warrior concept. A camo bodypaint would work very well in a jungle environment.  :cool:

I was very pleased when Far Cry Primal was released back in the day. I wonder if it wouldn't be too difficult to create alternative skins for a nude tribe characters.


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