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Trip Report - My latest trip to River Island!
« on: October 23, 2009, 04:03:50 am »
River Island Nature Retreat 3 Day Break.

It seems like summer has started already as the forecast of temperatures around 30°C with no cloud made for a perfect opportunity to take a three day retreat from work. I knew that being a midweek trip would mean not seeing too many other naturists there, but I was surprised to find only 2 other campers and a couple of permanent residents were there. Of course Colin, Katina and Colin2 our friendly, welcoming hosts were on hand for all the usual assistance and supply of cold drinks.

After arriving there and checking in at around 1pm, I decided to go for a bushwalk before pitching my tent by the river for the night. I headed off to a place called Sunnyside Beach along the Wollondilly River, which runs through the property. The walk varies between moving between narrow, almost invisible tracks where you climb over rocks and tree trunks and forge you way through the bush, to walking along 4wd tracks. Along the way are some really beautiful spots to laze by the river and slip into a very relaxed state, where before you know it an hour can pass you by as you listen to and observe the abundant wildlife around you.  In the river you can watch the Platypus, Tortoise, Trout and vermin Carp going about their day. On the land you can observe the Water Dragons, Skinks and other lizards, Kangaroos and Wallabies.   After returning to the campsite and having a refreshing shower and healthy dinner, I went to the pool area for a swim and a spa and met the other two campers, a guy from Tasmania who’d just taken his wife to the airport as she had to work and he had a couple of extra days before driving there, and a South African guy who’s just found this place last summer and returns every chance he gets.

Day 2 saw me lazing around the pool, reading, listening to my ipod and chatting with another camper until 3pm (so as to avoid the peak of the days sun and heat) we headed off to a lookout called Buff Point. To get there you need to cross the river at Tiny’s Beach (named after the hosts dog) and walk along a 4wd track for about an hour. The first half hour is relatively flat, but winds around the mountainside. The last half hour of the journey takes you up some reasonably steep zigzag track to the lookout. My new friend decided to turn back at the bottom of the zigzag climb, but I continued on. Wow what a view! Check out the pics in the members section of the gallery and you’ll see two of them are from the lookout and one is from the river on the first day. There was a great relatively flat area to relax in the shade where I recovered from the ascent, drank some more of my water to re-hydrate and eat some of my energy mix of nuts and dried fruit. After the rest, some viewing of the scenery and a couple of photos, feeling refreshed, I headed back slowly to the campsite as the sun started to head behind the mountains for the night. I saw my earlier walking companion back at the pool and we agreed due to his fitness it was best for him to return when he did. After a shower and dinner I headed to the pool for some welcomed cool drinks, a swim in the pool, relax in the large spa and let Michael in on what he missed. At about 10pm it was time to return to my tent and drift off to sleep listening to my ipod.

Next morning after breakfast and packing up the tent, I decided to head in the other direction to a place called The Cascades. This track is more difficult to follow as you look for pink dots painted on the rocks every 50mtrs or so. This is also actually into part of the Wollondilly River Nature Reserve (Looked after by the National Parks and Wildlife Service) and they don’t mind naturists hiking so it’s all good. In addition to the Kangaroos and other wildlife, you can also expect to see some of the wild Goats which roam about in the park. This day I saw two males (or Billy Goats) grazing near the first river crossing. I continued past that crossing and after about half an hour I found a brilliant flat rock area on the river where I decided to stop and spend some time. After a couple of hours of watching the Tortoises, Water Dragons and Carp going about their day I decided to return to the pool for shade and lunch. I saw my South African friend again and we chatted for a bit and played Pool (they have two tables for free use) until sadly it was time for me go home, wash the car, and do some washing for work the next day.

I can’t wait to return. No doubt Michael will be there again (he’s thinking about buying a cabin) as well as a few other friends I’ve met each time I go. As it’s only just the start of summer, no doubt I’ll get there a few more times this season.

Any other Aussie members want to join me?
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Re: Trip Report - My latest trip to River Island!
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2009, 10:32:04 pm »
Sounds awsome Todd! :23456 Great wayvto kick off the summer! :786


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Re: Trip Report - My latest trip to River Island!
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2009, 11:44:33 pm »
Todd that sounds awesome, thanks for sharing. Definitely sounds like a place I'd enjoy visiting!
Also, it's nice to see that after our summer-that-wasn't, there are other places which are getting
a legitimate summer! Please enjoy some sun for me.