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Parents of children who like to take their clothes off

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Nudist Children

Parents of children who like to take their clothes off. I have some advice: Let them.*

*Unless the situation demands otherwise, for example, they are in a public place, there are friends nearby who might not understand, they are putting themselves in bodily harm, etc. Use your parent’s intuition to help a child learn when it is and isn’t okay to be nude.

The benefits of living a nude life are countless. Nudist children usually grow up understanding their body and not fearing it. They see their friends messing themselves up trying to follow the fashion trends of the day and wrecking themselves to meet impossible standards because of low body-image.

Nudist children usually don’t suffer from poor body-image because they know how great and amazing the body is. Their body is not a mystery to them. This allows them a greater ability to fully realize what their body can do and how it works. After winning that battle, what’s there to be afraid? 

Living nude allows the skin to fully function as an environmental receptor. Instead of only taking in touch sense through the hands and face, the whole body takes it in. Meaning that more neural pathways are developed and opened, increasing the mind for a wider, more sophisticated, processing of what is going on around them. This is especially important during the formative years because it will help train the brain to be more flexible. A flexible brain helps ward off mental disorders later in life. 

Nudism is fun! Not only is experiencing everything great for the brain, it feels good too since it causes the brain to release endorphins or the “feel good” hormone. This is the same feeling athletes get after a good workout. (Which only adds more positive feelings towards their body-image!)

But the best part is, nudism is not just for kids. Parents should do it to since the same benefit applies to them as well. It’s never too early or late to start living as we were born to live. 

Text by me. Photo from cittanuda

Photo Retrieved from: Nudism-is-Normal

thanks for sharing  :e4444 :e2w

 My daughter just needs to learn to close the door when going to the bathroom.

My parents believe my brother and sister are too young to understand my choices, so I'm restricted to my room as far as nudism goes.


--- Quote from: NakedUnashamed on October 12, 2014, 12:18:40 am ---Pretty much how I think about the issue. Now I just need to get my wife to agree. She is pretty firmly in the textile mindset. Which is fine, I just don't want her to pass on any anti-body or gymnophobic ideas to our children.  To me kids are born nudists and later learn to be textiles. One day she might accept that children and really any people seeing   others :89 :Butt Shake: :098 is not a sin or bad in anyway. She'll probably come around some day.  Then I'll rejoice :323232

Anyone else on here raising kids with a textile or unsupportive partner of naturism? How do you handle your partner's attitude?

--- End quote ---

My wife keeps telling our kids to dress as soon as out of the tub or when they decide to change mid-day.  I have no issues as I let them choose between clothed or not, but she feels otherwise.  Apparently she tires of seeing vagina, penis, and butt, so her mindset is to fucus on the wrong parts.  This often leads to an ideological struggle between us where I don't necessarily ask the kids to respect their mother's request.  At least not right away.  Following discussions with immediate and extended family, my wife happens to be the only one who thinks that doing household chores in the nude is wierd.


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