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Your dream car ? What would it be

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Hey guys,

Quick question...If money was no object what would your favorite dream car/cars ? I personally are not a fan of flashy Ferrari or Lamborghinis etc. Id maybe drive them to experience them but personally wouldn't purchase a super car.  To me i prefer cars mostly from the Japanese market. Im a big fan of drifting, togue races, touring etc and the cars that would be my favorite would be from those categorys. But my all time favorite dream car would be a RWD(rear wheel drive) car call a Nissan SILVIA S15. These cars are 2.0L turbos. But what i would like to do is drop a 3.4 Twin turbo engine from a R34 skyline into the Silvia and i can die happy  :234567

 :879Then also A video On board the S15 while drifting :879

And then a togue test run with three amazing cars which i would all like lol plus the S15 of course :) :3456 :3456

David B:
Tesla or astin martin

I have a goal to have my dream car appropriate to each decade.

So, before I am 30, I would like to get a convertible to fully enjoy this amazing weather. I'd like a Camaro or Mustang, but depending on how my financial situation looks, I can aim for a better convertible car.

Two - Skoda Yeti for when I need to land a helicopter on the roof, also for taking kayaks off-road/well away from electric charging points. Charging points leads me nicely onto the other car - Tesla Model S. Hnnnnng


--- Quote from: Ed on September 24, 2014, 08:12:56 pm ---Two - Skoda Yeti for when I need to land a helicopter on the roof,

--- End quote ---

Haha, a fellow Top Gear fan, I assume? :P

My favorite car is a Mini Cooper S :D


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