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Reporting Guidelines


IYNO is first and foremost a place for young naturists to gather and exchange experience and information regarding naturism. In order to be effective it must remain a safe and comfortable environment for all concerned. Therefore we request users to communicate any threats to the sanctity of the IYNO environment to staff with the following key information.

1. Who - In order to deal with any issues we need to know who the culprit is. Don't be shy - users found to have not seriously transgressed may only be sent a warning - we will deal with all complaints fairly. Remember you may not be the only person experiencing the same issue and in order to put a stop to it we need to know who they are specifically by username.

2. What - To fairly sort through a complaint we need specific details of what occurred. The forum software was developed with privacy in mind and staff cannot read user's private messages. Please use the "Report to Admin" button located at the bottom right of the message to forward a copy of any offensive message to staff. As we don't have access to other forms of communication that you may be using, a screen shot (such as can be produced with windows snipping tool) is an excellent way to show what transpired. Furthermore Instant Messaging tools such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, etc. often record the text of conversations and that could be copied and forwarded as well. If the "Report to Admin" button is not available, for instance if you never received a message from that user on the forum, send a message to an active staff member instead. Or preferrably to several, which will make it more likely that the issue will be taken care of quickly.


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