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New rules regarding IM and video


Dear community,

it has come to our attention that members have been turned away by unwelcome requests for cam chat and photo sharing. Bugging people for these things has been against our rules since the very beginning, and we want to take this opportunity to remind you that if someone requests any pictures or chat, you are under no obligation to comply. The only exception being inquiries by staff, but that will never require any nudity. The issue at hand has prompted us to update our rules in order to ensure the safety of our members, particularly the younger ones, from harassment.

The first major change in our rules is largely a clarification. We will not, and can not, read your private communications, so if anyone is bothering you over such channels, we need you to report that incident. Even if you feel you can handle it, do it for the sake of the community. Nobody knows who else is being bothered. In order to help you with that, we have written some reporting guidelines.

Another change is unfortunately going to make our rules a little more restrictive, but should help with the prevention of further incidents. Starting today, all threads soliciting off-site communication, particularly instant messaging and similar services, are subject to moderator approval. Existing threads will be reviewed, and please consult a staff member before starting a new one. Video chat must not be advertised under any circumstances, so services where the focus can be expected more on voice and video than on text chat are unlikely to be approved. That especially concerns the Skype network. We are aware it is a perfectly good text messenger and the official replacement of the old MSN/Live service, but its focus on calls is its own undoing in terms of our updated rules. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For reference, these are the updated rules (new parts in red):

3. Do not add people to your personal instant messenger friends list without obtaining their permission. Simply, drop them a pm or email and ask to add them.  Also, no posting of personal contact data, such as email or messenger addresses. If you wish to exchange them with other members, please do it privately via PM or email. Forum topics about instant messaging require moderator approval.

6. No begging for naturist photos. Naturist photography and art, have been part of the lifestyle forever. If one wishes to exchange these then that is your decision. If someone declines, do not come back to them with repeated requests. Users found harassing other members about photos will have their membership terminated. Please follow our Reporting Guidelines to report any such incidents to staff.

9. Webcams: Do Not Solicit for video chat in the open forum. We STRONGLY recommend that you do not accept webcam requests from anyone who is not known to you. Further, do not beg people to cam, or turn on your own cam without prior approval. If any complaints result from this rule the offender's account will be subject to termination. Please follow our Reporting Guidelines to inform staff of any transgressions.

Kind regards

The International Young Naturists Organization Staff


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