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Ask Nude Sophie: Only One Naked
« on: November 08, 2014, 01:08:04 am »
Today I’m going to answer a question sent in from @NatBiss1

    @NatBiss1: Have you ever been the only naked person in a clothing-optional beach? Or the only one in a group of friends?

This is someting that most life long nudists have or will come across in their wonderful clothes free life. You are most comfortable completely naked, but nobody else in your group feels the same way. The answer is, yes! It doesn’t happen often, but from time to time I am a lonely nudist in a group of friends.

It has happend on both the beach and at home. I am very stubborn, especially when it comes to wanting to be nude. Summer on the beach is my happy place, and even when the changing weather might Chase away most nudies, it takes a lot more to make me leave. I have been completely naked on the beach trying to get as much warm sun as possible when everyone else is already walking down the sand in sweaters and long pants. Eventually I will realize how mad I am for doing this and I will call it quits for the beach.

In my house is a different story (and the real reason the question needs to be answered). How do nudists balance the need to be nude and a social setting that is not nude sanctioned? To start, I would never go to someone else’s gathering and disrobe. Especially if I am not close with everyone at the party. That is like forcing my beliefs on a group of unexpecting people. The equivalent of going into a pub and announcing everyone will go to Hell if they don’t repent and find Jesus. That is rude and will only hurt my image in the public. In my own house, however, everyone knows me and they know how I live. Very rarely, if never, would there be someone in my house who didn’t already know my lifestyle. If the group is composed of my close friends, I will answer the door nude and inform my guests that if they would like to disrobe there are bags where they can put their clothes. But they are not required to. During these events there is a chance I will be the only one, and it has been the case a few times. I never feel ashamed or uncomfortable. I view it as a chance to show everyone that being nude is not a big deal. Nothing is changed. I am still friendly and fun with a great sense of humor and we all can have a nice time. I’m just wearing a little less clothes than others.

The key point is in these social situations you need to be able to read the room. If you are in a group of people who you know will be beyond uncomfortable, or if the situation really does not call for a naked host or guest, then keep your clothes on. When I am with my sisters, we are always nude. My mother is the same way. However, the time my older sister’s new husband was visiting everyone was dressed. Although he has seen us naked and we have seen him naked while swimming or at the beach, he is not much of a social nudist. We did not think it was polite to “dance” around him nude per chance his eyes might wander and therefore get in trouble with his wife. Would he? Quite doubtful. But we did not want to risk it. Like I wrote earlier, you need to read the room to what is appropriate.

There have been plenty of other times I have been the solo nude in a group. What you the reader needs to remember is being naked is simply a way of living. It is not a big deal or a grand statement. Know the limits of your friends and family and then dress accordingly.
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