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Me Korero - INF World Congress 2016
« on: November 27, 2014, 03:52:21 am »
Bryan Crump of Nights On Radio New Zealand National interviews Wendy Lowe President of NZNF on the INF World Congress and naturism in general of course and Bryan like myself compared New Zealand having the INF Congress like having the Rugby World Cup expect less booze of course less public money too. They talk about the youth thing but Wendy doesn't seem worried and said young people don't join things in general this always been the case IMO young people have generally always been in more informal organisations of group people getting together under name maybe a logo and some nic nacks but never formally incorporated. Meeting on street corner, pub, over the phone and now internet. I don't know if this happened so much with naturism it's properly even more informal than that. But IYNO still follows in that tradition of how young people always organise just the tools have changed. It's radio broadcast so can listen while doing other things like reading IYNO posts  :laugh:           
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Re: Me Korero - INF World Congress 2016
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2014, 01:48:52 am »
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