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I might post the newsletter of Free Beaches NZ on regular basis so people can get a little look at what's happing here in New Zealand download the attachment to read

The April-May issue of FBNZ News it features some WBBR rides around the country. The improving situation at Ladies Bay a central Auckland nude beach interesting comment about Indian tourists, I had an Indian co-worker talked about going there not knowing it was nude beach. He didn't like what he saw from what I could tell. Press cuttings including a nude art exhibition and much more



Haven't been keeping up

Mostly Anti-Censorship articles,the AGM pitty I couldn't attend some of the things Mike said in the president report would got some responses from me. We got more members and the accounts are in great shape now. Me and Rick need to get together we need plans for Auckland  :indeed


cheers mate, thanks for posting, always good to see what's going on in NZ!


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