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Italian Naturist Federation



The homepage of the Italian Naturist Federation in english language:
The youth section is denominated as GIN.


Fixed broken link

Unfortunately GIN (standing for Young Italian Naturists) seems no more active. Many members are growing up and seems hard to find new members.

Anyway I would like to give you an overview of contacts and references on Italy:

The Federation do mainly a burocratic job. In Italy there are many associations that support INF-FNI members and naturists based on their geographical location.

Italians are not known for their language capabilities. So,please, if you will contact them, expect to wait a while before someone could be able to reply :(

I and my partner are into this world from only 5 yrs but We can offer our support to anyone would like to have information about Italy and Naturism in Italy.

At least we could try! :-D



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