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For the past six years, IYNO has been a community hub for youth in naturism. But we feel it is time for a change. The world does not need people interacting. It needs a clear distinction between providers and consumers. This is why we will be making sure that IYNO will be the best provider of young naturist content for years to come. Our staff has been working hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and you will soon be able to enjoy IYNO content without the pressure of contributing anything yourself.

You should see the first effects already:
Instead of asking you to do the laborious task of finding and selecting a main page picture, the staff has chosen one that has always been popular - David Hasselhoff.
There is no more need to post new topics - only staff needs to do that, so you will find this function no longer clutters your pages.
A new name - since members are no longer a vital part of our operations, we do not call ourselves an organization anymore. Instead, we (the staff) are now the International Young Naturists Overlords and you are our International Young Naturists Minions.

There is still stuff to be done though:
Pre-made blocks for messaging, so you do not have to compose personal messages. Until then, the PM system is disabled
A curated gallery - no more user-submitted content, all pre-selected by staff
A cleanup of the forum to show only staff-selected topics

I hope you like the changes, and if you do not, that is your problem.

Here's the problem with April Fools Day, here in the US and other places across the Atlantic, its still March! That being said, I plan to lead a revolt against the overlords!

On this side of the Atlantic Ocean as well. Who says this is a joke?


--- Quote from: Delta on March 31, 2015, 09:04:14 pm ---On this side of the Atlantic Ocean as well. Who says this is a joke?

--- End quote ---

Because no one other than Stuart had a Hoff fixation!

Plenty people have a Hoff fixation! ye nearly got me too!   :cool:


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