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Brent Schwert:

--- Quote from: Dario Western on June 24, 2020, 11:08:24 pm ---
--- Quote from: Brent Schwert on June 24, 2020, 03:36:44 pm ---Yes, everything is operating as normal, and traffic has been up recently, likely due to the lockdown. Be forewarned, they no longer have direct, private messaging, due to some nastiness apparently. It likely is helping with some of worst comments.

--- End quote ---

Some young female members left that site because of nasty comments thrown at them by older male members.  Danee was one of the victims.

--- End quote ---

I gathered that from this thread. Most unfortunate. I have been a member on NC for a few years, and had been there before they moved servers. I must have missed much of the troubles. Thank goodness.

Brent Schwert:
I really do like the site, and I found it long before this one like other people. I have personally only had good experiences there, but I am Catholic and fairly conservative (in a personal sense), so it is a pretty good fit for me.

It's the first nudist forum I joined  :cheesy:


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