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I'm actually a moderator there, though I haven't been active recently.  I intend to go back to checking the forum regularly now that I'm making my online presence known again.  Perhaps I'll see some of you there.

The issue with the forms is it isnt as easy to see new activity. That is something that isnt easy to overcome but it appears they are willing to work on it. They just got a web guy who moved the site over to a new server so it seems like they are going to be growing or making room for it at least.

I am there as well and activity is sporadic. It does skew older though and in general is more conservative than here but it is a good forum

it was where one of the admins said I was "the evilest person they could conceive of" because i fell pregnant before getting married... i complained and was told to stop offending people with my lifestyle... BUT i have also met some very good people through it so yeah some crazies to watch out for but overall not bad.

It is a shame someone reacted that way.  I won't go into the theological or moral arguments here (not the proper place).  But just like anywhere there are some good folks and not so good folks there.


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