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Hi folks,
Any advice where to stay in Fuerteventura?

Seriously? Nobody?
(I upped this message after almost a month... hope it's fine.)

Nat Biss:

I can't give you much information about hotels or accomodation, but I supose you are also interested in nudist beaches, so let me share  with you the ones I love. You can read more on the posts I have written in my blog (and many other sites, of course)

I would choose Jandia, in the south, with plenty of accomodation options (even some hotels have naturist sections).  It's a very narrow peninsula with all facilities on the east coast. Never ending sandy beaches that extend for kilometers, one after the other. Nudists tend to avoid the proximity of hotels, but you can walk naked all along the shore with hardly nobody raising an eyebrow (nudity is not ilegal in Spain). The west coast is an unspoilt area where the strong winds and sea currents keep tourist development away. But you have to cross  the mountains to go to Cofete beach (using a 4WD car may be a good idea). Astonishing landscape and 12 km of sand that you will only share with a few more people. Of course, clothes are completely optional here. (

In the north, Corralejo is the main town. The National Park Dunes of Corralejo includes another long sandy beach, 12 km long and hundreds of meters wide, with dunes reaching the center of the island. This is the closest to Sahara desert you can find out of Africa. Most people concentrate next to the hotels and beach facilities, but there are several sections for nude sunbathing. (

My third suggestion is El Cotillo, in the west coast. Is a smaller town, not so many tourist resorts, but also great beaches here. (

These are only some of the possibilities in Fuerteventura. Why not taking a ferry to Lanzarote and the beautiful Papagayo beaches? Or to the unhabited Lobos island? I would definitely rent a car to make the most of my holidays.


Hey, that is great and very valuable information. That is more that I could expect for a start, thank you so much for sharing. I'll have a look at all this!


Yup, the dunes near Corralejo have a lot of opportunities for going naked. There are calm places, and places with more people. Corralejo - the town - is ok!


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