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After a small hiatus, I return to IYNO! I have had alot to deal with, but I'm back! I just want to start a little topic about gaming naked! I've been gaming naked pretty much every day since the start of this year, and it's really helped me step my game up in terms of performance. I definitely recommend it. I've been playing alot of CounterStrike, WoW, and Diablo III lately.

If anyone wants to add me we can play games on Steam or through the Blizzard Launcher! I also have a PSN. Just shoot me a message!

So I am gonna ask, how many of you game naked on a nightly basis, like I do?

David B:
When I lived on my own I gamed naked all the time. But now that I have roommates I havent had a chance to. I used to play wow and Diablo 3 but I got bored so I stopped.

Best way to game! It usually depends on if anyone is home. If I'm home alone, I'm naked no matter what so chances are if I'm gaming, I'm nude.

I happen to be playing my DSi nude in my profile pic

David B:
But I do play mobile games nude when I'm in my room


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