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What TV series are you currently watching?

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Infinity Biscuit:

--- Quote from: Moss on December 16, 2022, 08:49:54 am ---Andor. I watched two episodes of it yesterday (instead of studying for exams lol). If you like Star Wars and sci fi epics you'll like it. If you hate Star Wars and want to watch a well directed and written drama you'll like it. Its great

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I finished andor a little while ago and it was surprisingly watchable television... my partner and I both liked star wars as a kid but long since fell out of love with it and we kind of watched star wars stuff out of a like "it's very bad but let's watch it anyway to see how it's bad" before swearing it off. but I was home sick and decided to try out the show and as I was watching it was like. oh no. this is like. the best star wars in decades. so my partner and I are watching it together now...........

moss is right about it being legitimately well done craft; my partner works in film editing and they point out all the stuff done well. it's kind of bizarre

The Witcher spinoff is really good.

I’ve also watched the 1883 and 1923 shows on paramount. Absolutely amazing!


--- Quote from: craigmore on September 20, 2022, 07:22:39 pm ---Rewatching Heartstopper. Already one my classics

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See Young royals

Alice in boderland.

blank radar:
finally watched chernobyl, i will pet my dog extra passionately today


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