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What TV series are you currently watching?

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ive been watching the new strange planet show on apple tv, though theres only 3 episodes out so far. its based on this webcomic series i really like that got turned into a book, and its a great show so far! its funny, theres great emotional moments, and theres clearly just so much work put into everything. one of my favorite parts is the animation, i admire good animation so much


--- Quote from: NakedIsNatural on July 27, 2023, 11:57:19 am ---My first time watching Ted Lasso. Just about to finish season 2. For a sports comedy, I've really enjoyed it. It's more character driven that it is focused on the football.

--- End quote ---

Finished Ted Lasso two weeks ago! One of the best shows I think I have ever watched.

Blake Skies:
Burn notice

I know it's on its 4th season now but I finally just started watching Harley Quinn on Max and it is so funny! I binged season 1 very quickly and I'm now on season 2. It's an adult R-rated animated series focusing on Harley Quinn and her crew of bad guys and I love it

ive been rewatching modern family, ive already finished it but i really liked it so watching it again lmao


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