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Thanks to all our members

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You make this place what it is, despite the downturn on activity compared to last year I'm very positive about our future. It help us think us of ways to change the place and make it interesting again and from the grass roots too like the AMA thread from @Kimberley Craigie that spurred on more threads that we decided to create a board for it, in little over a week it has 17 threads and nearly 150 posts at the time of this post. It helped make May the second busiest month so far this year but June is already on to a good start with a 162 posts in a single day properly the biggest in a single day in quite a while so hopefully June is a big month and July too. @Danee laid down the test and I think now we have passed our kaupapa/spirit is more than one person, it is strong and was made stronger through those testing times.

We are still here and we are not going anywhere, our future is very bright lets celebrate it.



David B:
 :jumpingsmile :234567

Long Live IYNO! I'm more than happy to be a part of the family here!

I've been here two years and I cant imagine not having IYNO as part of my life.  *till I'm 35* then I plan on moving on gracefully.

Thanks baring with us as we made the first whole forum design change since possibly the start of this place hopefully it look a little less tacked on and a bit more logical.  Thanks to @JohnIG for kicking this off.


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