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Bristol's 7th annual Naked Bike Ride
« on: June 28, 2015, 12:44:25 am »
A non-naturist view on taking part had to copy and paste from a facebook post otherwise the article makes no sense until you view the original also plenty of photos so click the link
Hundreds have taken part in a naked bike ride in Bristol today to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists and the effects of traffic pollution...

.... or florally cycling, for me.

More cyclists should get involved in this event. It is a little confusing though I must admit, this seemed to be protest on such themes as cars owning the road, capitalism, fracking (funny story on that later) and about the lack of space given to cyclists in general. However, the naked-ness does rather distract in a way from this, making it more about hippies and naturism and in some sense freedom - which does to my mind loop back into cycling anyway.

Flyers were handed out about other naturist events, from opportunists looking to recruit naked people - and this again says to me that the event is more about being naked than it is about cycling; as one lady said in the BBC Points West video - 'they could make the point in swimsuits', which is probably true, but of course if this is about publicity (and it is) then swimsuits wouldn't have worked nearly as well.

My reason for being there today was to be pro-cyclist in general, and to be present at a pro-cycling event/protest. I did not see one familiar face from any of the road clubs in Bristol, I was joined only by a couple of friends from Southville Running Club, which just goes to show that Southville are a fun carefree bunch, and I expect we would have had more of the green army turn out if they weren't all racing the Cotswold Relay today.

As I sat there, at the grubby Full Moon Backpacker pub sewing flowers onto my strapless bikini, it was apparent that I wasn't exactly surround by the sort of cyclists that I was usually at this time of a Saturday. I felt irritated by the plumes of weed smoke that filled the air, knowing that I am racing an olympic distance triathlon tomorrow and wanting to feel my best. So the question is, would roadies ever bare all to get more space on the roads? And if not, if this is deemed best left to the hippies, then what will they do? Perhaps just getting out there every week is enough, and they don't feel the need to get their vitamin D deprived bits out.

A funny story.

There was a man riding in front of Emma and I who had written on his back 'Fuck free for us'. And I simply could not work this out.  So I wheeled up to him and asked him to explain it. Just as I asked him he saw some friends looking on and gave them a friendly wave. He explained that he was protesting against fracking. 'But you have fuck written on your back, not frack' I said. He told me that a nice Italian girl had inscribed it and must have misheard him. He had no idea and was mortified! He asked me to see if I could rub it off but it was stuck there for the next 4 miles. Tee hee hee. Oh that did make us chuckle.

The 200 strong group went around the roundabout which is usually terrifying for cyclists and owned it!

Politics and marijuana aside, today was a novelty, 5 miles looping around the sites of Bristol, onlookers smiling totally helplessly. Not many spectacles inspire such laughter from onlookers and generosity from cars. Not one person looked unhappy about what they saw. My conclusion? People should cycle naked, or  at least florally, more often.

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