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--- Quote from: NudieDaniel on May 29, 2016, 03:45:27 am ---April 2016

World Naturist Day in Portugal and every beach is a nude one in Denmark

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Dan.  I enjoyed reading this and learned some things about Denmark! 

Wow, these are cool! Somehow, I did not find this thread until today. Thank you for sharing these!

The article on Denmark was interesting. It is a beautiful country, has beautiful beaches. And freezing cold water. I have only camped/explored on the Wattenmeer/Vadehavet coast, and was cautioned against full nudity as so not to offend other tourists (we were in a National Park at the time), but the beaches and islands were absolutely amazing there.

Events in Portugal and Demark, „Linz - a city introduces itself“ about the INF-FNI office location


Swiss art colony, the legality of walking nude in forests in Denmark and Free The Nipple   


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