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El topless


Although this is a bit out of season, who doesn’t enjoy reminiscing about the warm summer days spent at the beach? Sand, sun, water, skin... Especially skin, if we are talking about Spanish beaches...

Now it’s not to say that in the U.S. people don’t like to get naked. Certainly, in the 70’s we had our fair share of nudist colonies, and there are indeed still some [more secluded] beaches—like the conveniently named Gay Head on Martha’s Vineyard—where topless sunbathers are welcome. However, when it comes to nudity in public, Americans tend to be shyer than Europeans. Perhaps it is a question of culture, or perhaps it’s because in most places, public nudity is outright illegal.

However, if you have ever been to a beach in Spain, you’ll have witnessed public nudity first hand, and you will definitely have seen a whole lot more than you ever wanted to see of the upper half of seventy-year old women. You must admit that they are courageous, though. Most American women, decades younger than them, are not daring enough to lose their bathing suit tops. They, on the other hand, bear (and bare...) the telltale marks of age and weathering over time but are apparently not concerned about how other people might see them. Kudos!

The nudity phenomenon extends beyond the beach and into gym and sports team locker rooms. Work out’s over, time to strip down! While lying spread eagle in the sauna may not be terribly appropriate, the fact that these people feel so comfortable with their bodies, so at ease in their own skin, must not be overlooked. That’s more than can be said for many Americans!

In our puritanical culture in the U.S., especially in New England, many of us are raised to think our bodies are shameful and must, therefore, be concealed. People take that concept to varying degrees, but for the most part, there is very little public nudity. While most Americans will never feel completely comfortable with the idea of hacer el topless (going topless), credit must given where it is due. Congratulations, Spaniards, on being naked and proud!

The Spanish are definitely one of the most advanced cultures, nudity-wise.  It's just natural to them.  Nothing is wrong with it. 

Trust me, I've experienced this first hand.  Spain in the place to go for nudism.

I can't wait till I go back to Spain with my knowledge of how laid back Spaniards are with simple nudity :786


--- Quote from: randomer909 on November 20, 2009, 11:53:59 pm ---I can't wait till I go back to Spain with my knowledge of how laid Spaniards are with simple nudity :786

--- End quote ---

I'm pretty sure your statement needs a "back" somewhere in it. Otherwise you're saying something completely different about Spaniards ;-).
That being said, i agree with the sentiments of the article. The first nude beach I went to was in Barcelona. It was an awesome experience. It was great to see simply a sea of relaxing flesh, young, old, fit and sagging, all types.

going in February.......i cannot wait.....Maspalomas beach here i come!


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