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Today, increasing numbers of people who accept casual nudity, but many parents feel a certain anguish and tension to strip in front of their kids.

The child has a capacity of observation and apprehension of reality greater good than adults imagine and realize this "non-verbal language" that shows the intended parents in the Act of undressing, as if they were doing something unusual, with connotations of forbidden. This negative attitude certainly, gradually will doing with the child – that takes your body indelibly – start to realize that adults wear clothes to hide something-and what is hidden is ugly, reprehensible – and through the process of learning and assimilation incorporates these tensions and feel ashamed of one's own body. Introjeta the oppressor and loses the original purity and naturalness that characterized the contact we had with his own body.
That's how family plays and perpetuates the behavior standards and cultural patterns deniers of life. This is one of the ways through which the society writes on the bodies of its members their codes and values. I wouldn't call the naturist family is immune to evil. Has a better chance to get it right, to raise your children in a sadiamente environment natural, free of oppressive and inhibiting social conventions. The important thing is that parents naturists accept the natural naturally. The Act of undressing in front of children must be something natural as is the Act of drinking or family lunch. I drink when I'm thirsty, I eat when I'm hungry, I undress me when I want to get naked. If you are in harmony with your own body surely your children will grow up facing the nude with ease. It should be noted, however, that nothing should be forced.

You should never force your children from your point of view. In the universe everything follows a rhythm and not all trees bloom at the same time. As well the example. And the child will, in due time, that nudity is the natural state of man and you won't feel ashamed of the naked body. They say that one of the functions of the family is to prepare the children for the social conviviality. I add: and to be happy! And happiness begins with the acceptance of the body itself. One day, my daughter asked me:-why few people think like you? Replied: – because many did not understand the work of God. God put us naked in the world and if so did sanctioned nudity in the Act of creation. Clothing is the culture, the nude is the work of the Creator.
By Edson Mann Sociologist of the Centro de Estudos Naturists
Editora N


 :like great article @Danee

Great read and totally agree. Society makes up these kinds of rules where we believe we aren't supposed to be nude almost at all.


--- Quote from: jakemo on October 08, 2015, 06:51:48 am ---Great read and totally agree. Society makes up these kinds of rules where we believe we aren't supposed to be nude almost at all.

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--- Quote from: mynick81 on October 08, 2015, 06:16:20 am --- :like great article @Danee

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Thanks guys.  :love2

Dario Western:
Going to share this on the family naturism groups I am a member of.  Great find!  :)


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