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I try to get here a couple of times a year. The road in can be a bit rough as the last half hour of the trip is on dirt road. The 3km drive from the front gate to the resort is pretty rough and steep, but worth the effort.

Every time I've been there I've been fortunate to meet a number of people my age and younger. People own vans there and they are all friendly. I always pack my camping gear and pitch my tent by the river.

The discos and events days are always fun but if you go there during the week then it's usually hard to find anyone about. The owners are lovely and always welcome me with a warm greeting and a smile. Every time I go, I go for a walk along their tracks into the bush, along the river and up the mountains. There are always an abundance of wildlife to see including kangaroos, wild goats, birds, goannas and the odd snake on land, and in the river you can spend hours just gazing into the water watching the fish and the odd Platypus. There is also a resident wombat who is quite happy walking around the people and just going about it's day.  There are a couple of river crossings to negotiate which are fun when the water is flowing after the rain. You can do the whole day without seeing anyone if you want, but if you prefer company then the area around the pools, spas, saunas, pool tables, table tennis, cable t.v., shop and dining area usually has some people hanging out who are often keen for a chat or an opponent in a game. They do have a volley ball area but I've not seen it used other than on organised weekends. They have a bookshelf full of books to pick up and read if you forgot to bring any also. You can be as social or reclusive as you want.

I highly recommend to anyone who can get there to go. Any Sydney folk who would like to go but can't get there themselves, please let me know and I can let you know when I'm going and you can perhaps hitch a ride with me.

It sure looks like so much fun! Especially the bottom right picture is a naturist classic and gives me the feeling that I have when I'm naked..
five star for this one :D


--- Quote from: innersouth2020 on May 05, 2009, 11:22:15 am ---Hey Toddo,

Sounds like a cool place.

Let me know when you might be heading there.


--- End quote ---

Definitely Cj! Will do.

Hi folks

Just wondering about this dirt road approaching the resort. Is it something you should only take on in a 4WD or is any sedan capable of it?

I'm thinking of heading down on Australia Day weekend 2012 and just want to make sure i will be able to get there.

Any tips are appreciated.


Hey Matt, were going down there next weekend if you want to come. As for the track, my falcon does it no worries in dry conditions, but if it's raining I would only use a 4wd.

Australia Day we have a beach day at Cobblers too if you want to come, check the events section for more info...


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