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A friend of mine on Facebook had come across a question via NUSA’s Facebook post asking “Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” I told myself that, that’s a good question. I could not answer the question myself so I did some research, asked friends and on my group on Facebook.

The following may or not be the true reasons, however it’s what I’ve gathered to be close to the real reason why it is so, today. The main reason why it seems that there is so many ‘white’ nudists and Naturists is what I now find very obvious is it’s called majority. Since nudism began in Europe and then the America’s there are far more white people who live the lifestyle. If you’re black, latin, native american, from india or any other place that is a minority — there are not enough of that type to go around.

Some of these type of people also may rather be nude around their home and near home rather than participate in nude recreation. Some may also feel awkward going to a resort or campground being the only one from their ethnic race.

I believe this maybe why YNA, YBN & YNC were founded in the beginning for the reason that young people feel awkward going to a club, resort or campgrounds being the only young person among many old or older people.

Religion also has an impact on Naturism and nudism in certain countries. Some countries like in Asia and Middle East have strict laws when it comes to nudity.  If they  go to a country that allows social nudity, they tend to keep it in their head that they have to follow their laws from their country of origin, even if they are in a country that allows social nudity.
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Re: “Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” | The Naturist Page
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2015, 03:55:13 am »
Only places with large enough nudist populations to be mainstream have the largest pop. of lighter skinned ppl
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Re: “Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” | The Naturist Page
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2015, 02:21:25 pm »
I don't think that it is.   I've never read anything to suggest its something only one group of people do.   If there are more pictures of one group doing it maybe its because other groups just don't find it appealing culturally.