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Life modeling - a review


Hey all :)

I found this, and thought it was a very well written piece on life modelling:

--- Quote ---Advantages: very mentally relaxing, frees you of society's rules and taboos, makes you look at your body differently

Disadvantages: cold in winter!!, makes you ache sometimes

I live a secret double life. In the daytime I'm a respectable professional holding down a responsible job. But come September when the nights draw in and the night school classes start again I undergo a strange transformation....and enter a world that is considered most unrespectable by some.

I work as a life model. Basically this means that I sit very still like a human bowl of fruit while students, and sometimes professional artists paint me. The only catch is, I do this completely naked.

Many people are absolutely horrified when they hear this. I can relate to their shock but it does annoy me. Later however, their shock often turns to intrigue and they can't stop asking questions! So in an attempt to demystify this more unusual 'hobby' I've gathered together some of these into my own Life Modelling FAQs. Enjoy :-)

well, firstly I'm not an exhibitionist or a pervert or an attention-seeker :-) I'm a naturist and only wear clothes when absolutely necessary. I am not ashamed of my body and feel very much at home in it. I read an article in a magazine about life modelling and got hooked on the idea.

Drawing the human body is one of the most difficult things an artist can do. I love the feeling that I am helping them to develop their skills.

Also the experience is intensely relaxing. Sitting quietly in a room full of people concentrating hard produces a feeling of peace. My mind drifts off, I can't hold on to a chain of thoughts for very long, and no matter how stressed or upset I've been during the day, it all falls away during the session.

Not at all! The atmosphere in a life drawing class is wonderful. The concentration is immense. No-one utters a word except for the teacher. The pupils' dedication to their work, whatever their age/gender, is very noticeable. <
One of the things I hate most about society is the equation nudity=sex. But we are born nude. It is the most natural state in the world. It is not a source of shame and it can be easily separated from anything sexual. Sex is the last thing on my mind when I model, and I can confidently say the same is true for the artists/students.

I have always been treated with the utmost respect. I'm allowed to practice the pose first with my dressing gown on. I only take it off at the very last minute. At break time I get treated to free coffee and biscuits/cakes, and am allowed to put my robe back on for this! One time a class of adult students actually applauded me for sitting still so long (let me tell you, that IS a bizarre experience, to be applauded whilst starkers ;-D)

Too true! In fact I'm 12 stone, nearly 30 years old and showing it! My boobs are sadly drooping and my stomach always looks pregnant, and there are wrinkles and lines appearing where I don't want them...

But that is the most liberating thing about life modelling. It MAKES you feel beautiful. The artists don't want to paint stick insects. In fact sometimes, the fatter the better!

I have been told that my skin is a lovely colour, that the bone structure in my back is wonderful to paint. After years of hating my body I suddenly began to love it. I have learnt that there is beauty in the fat and flab and wrinkles. They are all trophies, proof that I have survived!

Life modelling is quite literally back-breaking work and you don't do it for the money. You have to sit as still as a lounge-room lizard for hours on end, often in very unnatural poses. In my current class I get about 7 pounds an hour for a 3 hour session (including a 20 minute break in between). 6-10 pounds an hour is the average range.


The first time I modelled I felt like I was in a dreamworld! I just couldn't believe I was going to wear my birthday suit in a room full of strangers. But I was astonished by how quickly the embarrassment evaporated once I settled down. Everyone is just SO kind and friendly towards you, and so grateful to you that it's impossible to feel ashamed for long.

While I'm sitting naked I don't feel embarrassed, but oddly, when I get dressed again and come out of the cubicle to leave I often feel quite awkward!!

Phone up your local art college. Even if they don't need models right now they're sure to know someone who does - usually a night school class for example.

Put your fears and previous ideas aside. Just give it a go. What have you got to lose?


I firmly believe life modelling is a form of therapy and everyone should try it! You lose your inhibitions, you break taboos, and you discover a beauty inside yourself you never knew you had. I really, really hope this op inspires someone to give it a go. But if it only changes a few prejudices about life modelling and naturism in general, I'll be happy :-)

thanks for reading!

--- End quote ---

Good find Simon :2345

I hope to give life modelling a go in the future :)

Awesome! It's something I've always wanted to try, but had no idea where to turn. Maybe I'll take her up on her concluding suggestion, unless anyone else has another idea.

The colleges near here are to conservative for to allow this kind of modeling. It sounds like the nearest to here is around 300 miles from here. It would be really interesting if they did allow it though.


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