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Finn West:
It has been almost a year since the first legal nude beach opened in South Africa at Mpenjati – and all of us in the rainbow nation are hopeful that many more will follow suit in the coming years.
South Africa is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches on the planet, as well as one of the best climates. It truly has the potential to be a naturist nirvana – and hopefully in the very near future, a perfect destination for your next nakation.

Mpenjati Beach is situated on the south coast of a province called Kwazulu Natal, and it is truly spectacular. But there are many other unofficial nudist beaches all along the coast which have been very popular for many decades.
These include Sandy Bay in Cape Town, Secrets Beach in Port Elizabeth, Nahoon Reef in East London, Port Alfred and of course the very popular nudist friendly beach in Umhlanga Rocks just outside Durban.

A clip which was filmed during the official opening of our first legal nudist beach earlier this year can be found here:

I thought an update on what South Africa has to offer was in order with the summer vacations coming up. I for one plan to take a nakation in East London – a whole month of being nude! Can’t wait!

Stay proud and stay nude! The nudist revolution is well underway!


That's awesome Finn - so glad you have an official place to go to now.

I visited Cape Town a few years back and loved it. I did mean to visit the nude beach at Sandy Bay but sadly didn't have time. I hope to go back soon at some point though.

Great to hear you will get the chance to have a nakation too to enjoy it all!!!

Finn West:
Thanks Dan.
Glad you enjoyed Cape Town. The only problem with those beaches is the water is a bit cold lol.


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