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Introducing the Bare Squad


Hi everyone,

A while ago, we decided to upgrade our staff structure a bit. We had been running on a grown system for the past six years and decided to overhaul things a bit for your convenience. We added a bit more structure and clear responsibilities and underlined it all with a somewhat whimsical name: The Bare Squad.

The Bare Squad is structured into three divisions. We have the accounts division, which concerns itself with new registrations, special permissions and any account-related inquiries, the moderation division which keeps the forum clean and civil and the site division which keeps things like the forum layout and the news box up to date. Of course, we still have special youth moderators in the teens only area, which are now joined by special girls moderators in the girl talk section. Of course, our proven local moderator system stays intact: Local moderators are chosen to be advisors, leaders and experts in the areas they moderate, so they can help you with your inquiries, share interesting content and provide insight.

A key feature of the Bare Squad is the contacts system. Each of our divisions has a small number of contacts, active staff members who have volunteered to be the first in line to be asked any question you might have about matters concerning that division. The current contacts are:
@Pitti and @NudieDaniel for any account-related inquiries
@Delta and @Stephen for questions and issues with the site itself
@NudeNathan for questions concerning moderation.

I hope you find those changes useful.

Cool change! I like the idea. I'll make one suggestion though, Try and make a tab for questions. This would strictly be a link to send a message to the appropriate person. I know people can obviously see this on the post here but many might overlook this thread. Just a suggestion! Good to see all the changes to keep IYNO fresh!


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