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Nude Swimming In Public Schools

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I love history a lot, and it was a pleasant surprise to me that there was an expositional film on this topic. It's amazing to see how quickly cultural attitudes change in just one or two generations. The person who made the video did a good job, and I like that he didn't try to present with a bias towards or against the subject, but gave the straight facts. Very interesting stuff!

This is an excellent video series .  Used  this as one of the links in my initial conversation with my mom about social nudism.   I think this would make an excellent opening to start a conversation with other friends

I'd be very thankful now if the system forced me to swim in what's the most natural, logic and rational clothe for swimming, back when I was at my secondary school. We had twice a week obligatory swimming lessons as the PE exercise (2 times in the pool and 2 times in the sport hall weekly). Not only was the swimming suits considered normal and required, but we even showered wrongly, I mean in trunks also. Both before as after swimming.

Now, the thing about showering was really inappropriate. They should have told us and force us to do it wisely to maintain the right hygiene. I even felt it's not really right back 10 years ago, but of course no one had enough courage to strip and wash himself properly.

But the bigger thing, about swimming naked, would be something I would perhaps understand many years later, but once I had, I would appreciate it a lot. I know it now. And due to the self-conciousness I was taught to be the only righteous way to act like, I think I've lost a few years of enjoying myself in the body I live in and not be ashamed of how it lookes! Now that the idea of being ashamed of my own body seems so very ridiculous, I regret not having this good mindset earlier.

I wonder if any schools let 5he girls do this as well... there's usually a false negativity to females in any of these kind of regards


--- Quote from: TheNudeBot on January 29, 2016, 02:27:35 pm ---I wonder if any schools let 5he girls do this as well... there's usually a false negativity to females in any of these kind of regards

--- End quote ---

From a blog:

These photos were printed in a 1941 edition of LIFE.   The fact that this family magazine was sold to the public on virtually ever newsstand in America is very telling of the culture of the day.   Taking a camera into a boys' locker room at school and photographing teenage boys completely naked while showering, then, printing that photo taking up an entire half page for the world to look at was consider perfectly appropriate.   The published letters to the editor immediately subsequent to this edition never revealed any reader voicing concern about it.    But there is little doubt that had the photograph been taken in the girls' showers showing them stark naked, it never would have been printed anywhere.     This clearly evidences a double-standard that reaches well into the 20th century.


If you click on the link below, there are many, many newspaper reports and accounts of it.    The boys often had female instructors as well.


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