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The Naked Children Issue
« on: January 26, 2016, 04:14:02 am »
The Naked Children Issue

While in America Parent arrested when children played naked in the street, Jonas Kissling in her travel blog state that Naked Children Playing in the street is a common sight in India.

But not all american that crazy yet. Read the The NY Times article When Do They Need a Fig Leaf? . I would like to mark a comment from one of the reader:

    I would rather see a little girl romping naked in the surf than dolled up and sexualized like JonBenet Ramsey.

The article ends with an interesting statement:

    …parents are wise to teach their children that different situations call for different behaviors, and that taking guests’ feelings into account is a thoughtful thing to do.

Google StreetView ‘Naked Child’ Incident

Well, Google taking a street images. There is an adult and children in the streets, and google taking pictures of them regardless if they are naked or not.

There were a couple of stories about the capture on Google StreetView of images of a naked toddler. Here’s the original UK newspaper report:

    The Independent on Sunday alerted the internet search giant after finding the image of the toddler, playing at a family summer picnic in a garden square in north London, captured permanently on the revolutionary mapping system. Britain’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, is considering an investigation into Google if more images of naked children are found to have been picked up by its cameras and made available to internet users.

The article is fairly inflammatory, as the paragraph above suggests. The idea is that Google is somehow aiding would-be child abductors. Further down in the article a more explicit connection between StreetView and crime is made:

    The company’s discomfort was compounded by a former criminal, Michael Fraser, who wrote in The Sun yesterday that Street View was a “gift to criminals”.

    Germans in the country’s northern state of Schleswig-Holstein are threatening to take legal action against Google because of fears that its photographs of the region’s towns and streets are in breach of the country’s strict privacy laws.

    A campaign against the internet giant has been launched from the small provincial town of Molfsee, near Kiel, and is being eagerly watched by dozens of other towns and cities in the region which has a population of close to 3 million.

    “We are not going to let this happen,” said Reinhold Harwart, Molfsee’s conservative mayor. “This is opening people’s houses and homes to criminals. All this information is taken back to the United States and being processed. This can’t be allowed,” he told the IoS.


Google responds to the article on its EU public policy blog:

    The photographs in this case were not revealing. They showed a typical family picnic in a public park on a summer’s day, with children playing. It’s important to note that none of the images in Street View are live, they were taken last year. The child in question was some distance from the camera and could only be made out properly at the highest zoom level, meaning that the image already appeared blurred due to the low resolution. He or she was not facing the camera, so could not be identified. And where other people’s faces appeared in the image our automatic blurring tool had worked well, to make sure that none of the faces could be identified.

    Nevertheless, we take issues around inappropriate content in our products very seriously, and we removed the images within an hour of being notified.

These kinds of accusations have been leveled against Google and StreetView in the past and will continue to be in the future. The back and forth between Google and its critics is similar and familiar at this point. The specific issues around identifying individuals or removing particular images can be readily addressed through consultations, technology and editorial policy.

Interesting, when Girl was Playing Dead On Google Street View , only a few local people worried that a child died in their neighborhood.
People by David Giordano at Coroflot.

The images of naked children in the street from the David Giordano portfolio. David is Photographer in New York, NY.

Naked Kids and Naked Parents

In textile families going a lot of talk about naked kids and questions that start coming up as kids enter pre-school about whether it’s okay for them to be naked around each other and around adults.

While in Naturist’s families it is not an issue, the textile parents and textile experts disagree on when it is and is not appropriate for kids to see their parents naked. And, more often than not, this disagreement focuses on parents of the opposite gender. I have heard some experts give precise rules that parents must keep their clothes on from the time their child is six and others suggest that appropriateness has more to do with the situation, the family structure, and the parents and kids themselves than with any exact of age of development. For some reason, I remember an expert on an episode of Oprah that aired at least 15 years ago saying it depended on what the family dynamics were,

    “If a naked parent is like furniture,” he explained, “just a casual, unnoticed part of the household, it could be no big deal.”
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Re: The Naked Children Issue
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2017, 08:42:07 pm »
"If war is the answer, then we ask the wrong questions."
(Wenn Krieg die Antwort ist, dann stellen wir die falschen Fragen)

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