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Brilliant @AZWiki do you have the bonus follow up called Retour aux Sources?

 nice  thanks for sharing :)


--- Quote from: AZWiki on January 09, 2017, 01:24:39 pm ---Below is the "Living Naked" (1993) with English Subtitles. If subtitles don't pop-up automatically, just click the "cc" button located on the bottom-right on the player.
This film was directed by Robert Salis and I think this is the best naturist content ever produced.

--- End quote ---

I shazamed the music at the end because it's such a beautiful piece of music

It's John Surman - Portrait of a Romantic


Very cool thanks for sharing and english subtitles   :cheesy:

Still one of my favourite documentaries and a huge help at helping me find my way around naturism as an adult. I wish they did a new one for the 21st century!


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