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Child pornography is more than nudity

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An interesting article about people coming to their senses that all nudity isn't sexual


--- Quote from: xgsft on December 13, 2009, 07:20:21 am ---As I have said before, I am all for nailing pedophiles
--- End quote ---

I suggest we start by those people who instantly think of sex or making laws about sex or stuff like that as an instant reaction to child nudity.  :786

Glad to hear.
Sad thing is these laws havent reduced the numbers of actual child petifiles.  They do what they do no matter the law.  Granted such has become a witchhunt.  We all have heard stories of some high school girl sending nude picture to her high school bf.  Both get in trouble, bf for possesion of child porn, and gf for trafficing child porn.  Now for such they are registered sex offenders for life. Is what they do always advisable, no, but its sad when laws used to protect children are actualy being used against them.

Dario Western:
Sadly there are still many people out there who think that videos featuring innocent child and teenage nudity such as the enature ones and the FKK ones are child pornography.  The forum even claimed that they've been treated as such just because of some f.ucked-up people who have bought them as well as genuine child porn stuff.

There have been sites dedicated to u-18 fashion models who posed in very sexually provocative positions and fully dressed at the same time.  I think that the webmasters/mistresses thought they could get away with it because the subjects were not naked.  Regardless, I'm glad to know that they were eventually closed down.

Basically if it looks like CP, sounds like CP and smells like CP then it likely is - in spite of whether the subject is nude or not.  It all comes down to one single word: *INTENT*. 

If you ever come across anything on the internet that has no right to be on it, report it to Interpol and the Report Child Porn webpage immediately. 

A friend of mine once joked that he had a bunch of naked pictures of him as a young child - in the bathtub, playing in the garden in summer, etc and suggested that he could be sitting on a fortune if he sold them online. We did have something of a debate as to whether or not they would be guilty of selling child pornography if it was yourself in the pictures.

I guess we were just talking nonce-sense. Just like the celebs who jumped on this bandwagon without stopping to think about it:


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