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Going on holiday in Croatia! Need advice!

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I am excited to say that my wife and I will be going to Croatia this summer! That said, I am looking for recommendations from people who have some first hand experience with FKK / nude beaches there. This will be the first time my wife and I participate in social nudity and I want it to be as great an experience as possible. I found this map that seems really helpful, but it is a couple years old. Any advice you may have on where to experience naturism (where to go, where to avoid, what not to miss, etc) would be wonderfully appreciated!

Thank you!

Are you looking for a nudist resort to stay at or just visit nude beaches?

I also will be off to Croatia this summer. I've stayed at a few resorts over the years.

Definitely nude beaches, potentially nude resorts. Any recommendations? We will be there for about two weeks and will be renting a car, so distance isnt a major consideration.

Get in touch with @bunnyema . She just posted to another person who wanted advice and she lives there!

Does anyone have any tips for Rijeka or Lovran and its surroundings?


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