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I was just wondering how many people enjoy walking and running for fun or just to stay fit.
I prefer to run because ive done some long walks and runs and I have found that for me its harder to walk than run.Also its quicker to run a race than walk. Tomorrow morning i have entered a walk which is 80km , I think that is about 50 miles. Even though it is a walk you are allowed to run so i will be doing more running than walking, im looking to finish in 12 hours if all goes well.

I prefer to run. But not outside as living in London I'd probably be hit by a car. So the gym I go to I run at least 10 miles which is not that much I know but obviously being at the gym I do other stuff.

10 miles is still a far way to run and if I lived in London I think I would also go to the gym and run on the treadmill especially in winter because I don't like cold weather.

To be honest. I am not much one for running. I like to take my time and enjoy the scenery. Hiking is for me.

I enjoy both running and walking, at different times, in different situations.

At midday, when I just need to move, to get out of my chair and get my body revitalised, running is perfect. At times, I will even purposefully get in trouble in PE/Sports class, as the teacher's punishment is to make one run the perimeter of the PE field, or sometimes the stairs in the stadium. Wonderful exercise, really helps one to be able to sit through 3 more hours of boring lessons.

On the other hand, for enjoyment, I love trekking, hiking, walking. I love to feel the breeze and smell all the various things floating on that breeze, and to stop to smell and see all the little sights along the way. Sometimes I forget to walk, and just stop to enjoy something. These are things one misses while running.

So, I suppose running is for the exhilaration of movement, and walking is for enjoyment of one's surroundings. Both have equal value.


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