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I don't enjoy walking nor running just for the sake of it. It just feels too dull and pointless to me. However, I do manage to get my daily dose of about 1 hour of walking just by going to and returning from work - I guess since I am headed to a certain destination I feel it's not a total waste of time, even though I could have easily boarded the bus instead (and it's cheaper too, lol).

In regard to running, I get my weekly dose while playing soccer with friends. I also think it's much better than ordinary running on a treadmill or outdoors since I'm forced to sprint once in a while while doing so.


--- Quote from: funnytannednudist on March 04, 2016, 06:44:51 am ---I was just wondering how many people enjoy walking and running for fun or just to stay fit.
I prefer to run because ive done some long walks and runs and I have found that for me its harder to walk than run.Also its quicker to run a race than walk. Tomorrow morning i have entered a walk which is 80km , I think that is about 50 miles. Even though it is a walk you are allowed to run so i will be doing more running than walking, im looking to finish in 12 hours if all goes well.

--- End quote ---

That's awesome, mate! How did it turn out? Or are you still walking? LOL I enjoy running and walking/hiking. Depends on my mood, or what I did the day before. Running reaches a point where its addicting and I want the high from it. I never get that from walking. Anyone else?

I love to run, just for fun, I really enjoy it.  In the morning I have so much energy, I really need to channel it so I can focus on my day. When I can't run, I usually have a difficult day at school.

I usually do about 5 miles in the morning.  It really clears my head.  If the sun is coming up soon, I'll run west first so I can watch the sunrise on the return run. It's really soothing.

With a hopeful new school next year and free sports I'm thinking of doing track, I never did any team sports.  So might be my chance to experience it

I do a lot of walking out here. If I really need to get someplace in a hurry I either take a horse or drive.

I prefer running to walking every time as long as it's off road and its not through a field full of cows,  the way they stare at you freaks me out lol


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