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An article in today's Wisconsin State Journal announced that the DNR has permanently closed Mazo Beach, which was this state's only clothing optional beach.  They used the same old excuse of too much sex and drugs and too much time and money spent by their staff lurking at the beach looking for people to bust.  They gave stats that said they cited 42 people in 2011 for public sex and 13 in 2012.  Last year they cited 27 people for "mostly restricted area" violations.  The regulars were kind of self policing the area and based on the reduction of citations had been making good progress.  They gave no information on any drug citations.  I suspected they were going to ultimately do this a couple years ago when they closed it on weekdays.  That beach has been there for almost forever, but someone with power and influence didn't like it.  They did this without any public hearings or input.  Our state government has become a fascist regime since the republicans took over every aspect of it in 2010 and have been doing whatever they want whenever they want.  This is a very sad loss to the naturist community.

This is sad news. I had hoped to make it there this summer. Now I'm kind of sad I didn't go last year when I still had the chance. I mean, it seems so simple to me: If you don't want to see naked people, don't go to the nude beach. There are plenty of other beaches. Why do they need to ruin it for those who enjoy naturism?

If WI has any local/state elections this fall, maybe they can vote in some new people who would be open to reopening the beach (or more specifically, vote OUT the people who got it closed). Sorry to those of you who are local and probably went there more often. I hope it can reopen someday.

That's a shame. One for our enemies.


--- Quote from: SunloverPL on March 12, 2016, 10:37:38 am ---That's a shame. One for our enemies.

--- End quote ---

It is sad, seems typical American views on public nudity on both sides really. The couple places I've been that does allow public nudity, there's also an element of people who are sexually charged and end up,giving the whole thing a negative perception in the community.

I'm not against sex by any means, just not in public. If people want to have sex outside, buy a big piece of land and do it there. Having sex at a clothing optional beach is jut wrong and is really against what nudism and naturism is all about.

I hope that does not become a legal precedent for other locations and states for future decisions

Let's hope it doesn't


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