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Take It All Off: China's 5 Best Nude Bathing Areas



Communal and co-ed nude bathing doesn’t only take place in Cancun hot
tubs during spring break celebrations. In fact, for several Chinese
minorities, nude bathing has long been a part of their traditions. It
may not be purifying yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, but
here are the best five best places in China for nude bathing; you can
leave those bathing suits at home.

5) Hmong Nude Bathing

Every year on the thirteenth day of the seventh lunar month, the Hmong
celebrate their harvest with the Chixin Festival, meaning "eat the
new." Before the festival, the people all make sure that their cows
and horses are well-fed and fat with meat. Girls wear their prettiest
clothes and decorative hats. Young men are busy practicing their wood
reed flutes. Chixin Festival also has a "love ceremony" that involves
groups of three to five young men and women gathering together in one
place and having fun...

4) Nude Bathing in "Imperial Hot Springs" with the De'ang Minority

In 1985, the De'ang minority was finally given a name. They live in
western Yunnan and are known for theirs customs of nude bathing and
male/female communal bathing. The area is full of natural salt and
coal springs. The largest spring, known as the Dragon Pool, enjoys the
shade of an imposing, ancient pagoda tree. Amazingly, the 50-degree
water has not only not destroyed the tree, but rather preserved it in
a healthy, young state. The Dragon Pool got its name because the water
flowing out of the pool looks like a dragon spitting. It was also the
pool that only the highest officials were allowed to bathe in. The
common folk and even low-level officials had to go to the other pools
to bathe.

3) Chongqing Girls Nude Bathing Area

East Spring Village, located near the mountains in Chongqing's Ba'nan
District, according to the local legend, has springs that can cure
blindness. Some of the springs are in secluded areas, and people take
advantage of the isolation to bathe naked. Having a history dating
back to the Ming Dynasty, East Spring Village is now experiencing a
large influx of tourists who want to try the local tradition of nude
bathing themselves.

2) Mosuo Communal Bathing

The Mosuo believe that hot springs can cure diseases. They also use
hot springs as meeting places. After a hard day's work, three or four
friends will meet up and eat, sing, and relax in a hot spring. During
the Cultural Revolution, local officials thought this practice was
uncivilized and they added walls to separate men and women. Over time,
however, the Mosuo began taking down the walls until the point that
they hardly existed. When the area was open for tourism in the 90s,
the government forcibly separated male and female bathers. Eventually,
the area was reopened for communal bathing after the government
realized its value to the local Mosuo people.

1) Nu River Valley Hot Springs

The Nu River is simply full of hot spring areas. You can camp out in
the area in tents the locals rent out for very cheap. The Lisu
minority occupy this area, and they normally bathe in the hot springs.
Men and women bathe at the same time and they believe that the water
is sacred and can bring good fortune.


--- Quote from: ImNotThere on December 08, 2009, 02:32:02 pm ---a really good article Danee, it's very telling though that nudity is still only confined to the minorities - and probably only largely due to the Chinese government's complete refusal to discuss most minority issues in the media. let's hope stories like these actually get filtered through to the chinese population, rather than just in western sources.

the next related article on the site sums up the issues perfectly though -

Good find!  :786

--- End quote ---
When I saw the title for this topic, I thought of you staright away Syeve :786 :345678

You should try them out the next time your out in China. They all sound great :)

Great find!

On the other hand, I'm curious how many of us would get a chance to try some of these rare possibilities...
And would some foreign visitors be tolerated there?


--- Quote from: ImNotThere on December 09, 2009, 07:05:23 pm ---
--- Quote from: sa-bi-ne on December 09, 2009, 12:08:17 am ---Great find!

On the other hand, I'm curious how many of us would get a chance to try some of these rare possibilities...
And would some foreign visitors be tolerated there?

--- End quote ---

I'd say from the locals - definitely yes. I can't imagine the government would be too happy on the other hand...

--- End quote ---
But if some bathing possibilities are described as "sacred waters", one must check it very well...


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