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Changes to our age limits

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Hi folks,

while reading about David Hasselhoff, we found out that he is well into his 60s. That would mean that our old policy on age would prevent him from joining if he ever decided to come here. As our official mascot, this will not do. Starting today, our age policy will be revised, men in their 60s will be welcome. We hope that this will finally allow the Hoff to join. This forum had a critical shortage of older men anyway, which are of course extremely important to a youth forum. Down with the age discrimination. Welcome to men in their 60s, and let us hope for the Hoff.

Best wishes

NudieDaniel(temporary Delta) and The Bare Squad Team

I'll think that will help The Hoff fell welcome and make him truly a part of IYNO as he has been for so many years  :wink:

Very well selected…  :tongue: :laugh:

there's no age limit for the hoff

wondering if you change your mind tomorrow ;)

This news is Hoff-tastic!


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