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Young Nudists Of Australia

We are finally here!!.

Let's us Introduce ourselves. We are the YNOA (Young Nudists of Australia) we are a group of young nudists in Australia (18 to 40 years of age) that have finally gathered under the flagship and support of the ANF (Australian Naturist Federation). We have sat down with representitives of the ANF and discussed a new and improved movement. As others have failed before - we have no intention in stopping. We have a current and strong network and team in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria & South Australia.

We have been operational for 5 weeks now and we are gaining members more and more everyday.

We have an active and live Women's Group dedicated to YNOA women. This is creating a wave of empowerment to women who have suffered body image issues for years to finally be comfortable in a happy and safe enviroment with a supportive network of women. Our women's movement has grasped the attention of 2 x local University's in Queensland who are interested in the YNOA & YNOA Women's Movement.

Our members of both groups are 100% Verified and 100% real people. This has filtered alot of unwanted attention and we are 100% successful in maintaining that. We have operator's that maintain and monitor our social media networks heavily so this can all happen.

YNOA are always looking for YNOA Officer's to assist in this new and more progressive movement. If anyone on the forum would like to contact us please feel free to like our public facebook page

Young Nudists Of Australia
Or check us out on
Instagram: young_nudists_of_australia
Twitter: YoungNudistsOfA

Hope to see you all soon!

 :azn: Warm & Sunny Regards  :azn:

Young Nudists Of Australia Team

Fantastic!!! Well done!  I'll be in touch. ;-)

I am a moderator of a group we set up in Perth called Perth Nudist Social group. It is basically a secret Facebook group (so nobody can find it/see anyone that is a member).

We have around 50ish members.....most of which are in their 20s-30s.

We do social evenings (unfortunately it usually has to be at peoples houses due lack of venues and lack of support) from drinks nights, BBQs, swims etc.

The group is always expanding and would love to be a part of the YNOA!

I'll send you an email with details etc.

Email received and replied  :laugh:

Awesome news for Perth people. Thank you to both this groups for starting this.

Dario Western:
Good to see you on this forum!  Are you or any of your members going to come to the Vita Nuda Brisbane card and board games day on Sunday afternoon?

You can check it out in the 'events' section.  :)


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